Living Options at Doylestown Health Care Center in Doylestown, Ohio

Short-Term & Long-Term Care
Rehabilitation & Memory Care

Doylestown Health Care Center is just the place to be when extra care and support are needed. Our community offers both short-term and long-term rehabilitation and therapy services for seniors in the Doylestown area. We also offer Memory Care apartments for full-time residents who are living with Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, and other memory loss illnesses. No matter how long your stay, you can count on our friendly care professionals to support you on your wellness journey.

Dedicated Memory Care Community

If your loved one is experiencing the effects of memory loss, Doylestown Health Care Center offers the support both of you need to navigate each stage their illness. Our dedicated Memory Care neighborhood provides round-the-clock care and support in a soothing and secured setting where friendly faces and helping hands are never out of reach. We offer semiprivate suites and access to all of our onsite amenities and community events, including meals in our cozy dining room and plenty of fun and games to enjoy.

Transitional Care
Rehabilitation Therapy

The professional therapists and care specialists at Doylestown Health Care Center are here to help you on your journey to a stronger, healthier you – no matter how long or short the road may be. We are your partners in care from day one, helping you heal and adjust to altered abilities with the goal of returning you to your home when appropriate. Access a wealth of tools and resources under one roof, including physical, occupational and speech therapies, as well as retraining in the activities of daily living retraining. We also offer orthopedic rehab and use of adaptive equipment. Other programs include dysphagia, pulmonary, and fall prevention.

For more information on how our programs and services can be adjusted to meet your unique needs, contact our team today.

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